Here at Lyfthaus we offer many types of lifts for different purposes. We have lightwell lifts offer suitable for any environment and they are designed to perfectly blend in with the surroundings, so you needn’t worry about your lift looking out of place, if you think our regular lightwells are good you might like our compact lightwells basement lifts which are discreet, refined, elegant, innovative and unique. Another discrete lift option we provide are floor to floor goods lifts great for your goods transportation needs. If you’re looking to provide disabled access, look no further than Lyfthaus for our disabled access lifts, making areas more accessible and convenient for those with disabilities. Here at lyfthaus we have created our own split level car lifts making it easier for you to negotiate ramps and removing the hassle of getting your car into a confined space with awkward angles. At lyfthaus we also have a new innovative bin and refuse storage system that everyone can take advantage of hiding their unsightly but necessary bins to improve your visual environment!: planners, architects, developers and homeowners everyone can use our bin storage lifts! Need to move some bins? Pallets? Roll cages? Barrels? Drums? Or boxes vertically? Well with the split level lift from Lyfthaus you can transport all these and more to heights of 3000mm at a simple touch of a button without the need of steep and space consuming ramps.

Unique, Contemporary Design & Exquisite Engineering!

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