Bespoke Stainless Platform Lifts London provide bespoke custom platform lifts throughout London and the UK. Benefit from our experience and our love of beautiful platform lifts whatever the location. With our designs – think outside the big intimidating white plastic box. You can have a lift built to look sophisticated and elegant in your building’s surroundings. platform lifts have changed adapting from bulky closed in spaces to open planned spacious areas. Our bespoke stainless platform lifts will provide not only durability but completely change the operator’s experience.

Our stainless platform lifts can be installed inside and outside for commercial or residential purposes. Lyfthaus have a range of different designs to cater to all building types. Whether that’s railings or a glass structure, we tailor each platform lift to fit your needs and design requirements. Bespoke stainless platform lifts are an incredible imaginative arrangement when you need to improve availability without destroying the feel of your environment. We have an in house team of exceptional designers and work intimately with some of Londons most prestige architects to improve accessibility without compromising the structure of your building. Our bespoke platform lifts are ideal listed buildings as well as modern constructions, blending each lift into its surroundings.

Bespoke Stainless Platform Lifts London provide a vast range of lifts in an abundance of styles, including; steel, glass, custom railings, stone, marble and many other designs. Our premier platform lifts can be flawlessly coordinated into present-day offices, contemporary displays, schools, restaurants, retailers and many more spaces. Lyfthaus can create custom specifications ideal for both internal and external locations that won’t affect or destroy the fixed surroundings of the establishment. At Lyfthaus we give the opportunity of decision to our customers. Mylyft open viewpoint platform lifts are inconspicuous, contemporary, durable, refined, simple to work, stunning, solid and tailor-made to suit your definite prerequisites.

Lyfthaus can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties across London.