The Connex is your hidden solution for discreet access in prestige property. Connex is suitable for internal and external applications. These seamless lifts are perfect for residential properties, making sure they fit perfectly in your home. Domestic Lifts have evolved over the decades, with a huge range of styles to choose from, these connex lifts are ideal if you are looking for a small platform lift.

Connex bridges a few steps or the edge of a split level to a height of up to 500mm in commercial and public buildings and 600mm in private residential property. The platform size and configuration is your choice. With our skills and knowledge, we aim to develop premium platform lifts to compliment your building. As leading experts in the commercial and domestic lifts industry, we at Lyfthaus work with some of the UK’s leading architects, to manufacture extraordinary wheelchair lifts throughout London and the UK. Keeping your platform lift hidden means those who require the use of the lift can feel comfortable

Connex is the most unobtrusive platform lift. It can be finished to complement your interior styling perfectly. All sides can be clad to match adjacent surfaces. Stone, tiles, carpet, marble and wood can all be used. It’s entirely your choice. Connex platform lifts are developed with great care and detail, taking the clients needs and requirements into account we aim to bring efficiency as well as luxury to your home.

Lyfthaus open aspect platform lifts can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties.