The Connex is your hidden solution for discreet access in prestige property. Connex is suitable for internal and external applications and is Machinery Directive compliant. These low visual impact lifts are perfect for most properties, they complement all architectural styles beautifully. The platform and side aprons can be finished with your choice of flooring – stone, tiles, timber and slate etc.  When not is use Connex is virtually invisible.

Connex vertically bridges a few steps or the edge of a split level to a height of up Get in touchto 500mm in commercial and public buildings and 600mm in private residential property. The platform size and configuration is your choice and is suitable for disabled people and goods to a capacity of 2000Kg! The platform is exceptionally stable and can be used as part of the regular flooring or as part of a stage. Stage access is a popular application.

Connex is the most unobtrusive platform lift. It can be finished to complement your interior styling perfectly. A tray of the required depth is provided as part of the platform.  Open sides can be fitted with automatically rising stops to prevent accidental roll-off.

Connex is the ultimate integrated solution.  Options include platform mounted controls, and grab rails. For public use the lift should be attended making it ideal for retailers, hotels, restaurants, visitor centres, hospitality and prestige heritage sites such as cathedrals, churches and stately homes.

Connex can be fitted in just one day, Lyfthaus will provide drawings to assist with construction works.

Please contact our creative team for further details, we would be delighted to assist you further.