Mobility Impaired Lifts and Disability Lifts, London are designed, developed and constructed to fit your needs and requirements. Lyfthaus provide freedom of choice for architects and designers when constructing a space that benefits everyone.

Mobility Impaired Lifts and Mobility Impaired Lifts or Disability Lifts London is the creative solution to wheelchair access, with a stylish, discreet, refined finish, Lyfthaus is your disability lift experts. Our premium open aspect platform lifts can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties. Disability Lifts London take your overall experience into consideration, we understand how daunting it can be seeking out the disabled access lift.

Lyfthaus endeavour to end confined, uncomfortable dated disabled platform lifts. In Addition to our reputable service, we aim to enhance the clientele’s choice when they enter your building.

As a result, our architecturally inspired designs can be both modern and traditional keeping with the heritage building. Disability Lifts London use the needs of the client as our inspiration when developing the perfect platform lift.

With new trends on the horizon, we understand the pressures with keeping up, but there’s no need to steer from your traditions with Lyfthaus. Simultaneously our Disability Lifts will exceed your expectations and more.


At Disability Lifts London, we will have you thinking outside those huge oversized boxes. Disability lifts have changed. Presently we should get innovative! disability lifts have become evolved with exceptionally versatile structures that improve the locations conditions and the individual’s experience. Our choice of lifts is created using the best designers, we needed to know what was critical to you and everything that we learnt has impacted and enlivened The Mylyft Collection.

Disability Lifts London gives those who require wheelchair access the freedom of choice. With the innovation of technology, we are able to create and develop extravagant, easy to use platform lifts for domestic and commercial locations.

With our wealth of experience, we provide greater ease of movement, giving back independence to those with disabled mobility. Operating across the UK we work closely with our client’s building a trusting relationship throughout the project. Not only do we offer support during the design and installation stage but also provide excellent cost-effective aftercare maintenance on all our lifts.