Disabled Access Lifts Uk are one of the UK’s leading platform lift manufacturers. Our collection of disabled access lifts are built to the highest of standards, with an in hour design process, are expert architectures can design any disabled lift to complement your built environment.

No matter how busy the traffic flow your domestic access lift can handle it! With our three year parts and labour warranty, our in-house team have extensive knowledge and technical experience in constructing a reliable platform lift for your building. Lyfthaus are an extremly professional and established luxury lift company. Our experts can advise you on all aspects of Disabled Lifts as well guide you on choosing a suitable Access lift that meets your demands.

DDA Lifts and Lyfthaus understand the importance of keeping with your locations traditions. Disabled Lifts supply frame-less glass or bespoke gates and barriers suitable for all types of buildings. As well as our indoor platform lifts,  specialises in manufacturing street-level lifts.

Street level balustrades are adapted to form interlocked gates. Lyfthaus also supply a range of durable flooring materials used to create a seamless floor to platform lift effect, this can also match adjoining surfaces.

DDA Lifts and Lyfthaus UK provide an abundance of experience ensuring we can offer wheelchair access solutions to all buildings and individuals. We supply and introduce Platform Lifts all through the UK including London, our engineers have the skills and expertise needed to help find and install the perfect lift for you. Offering specialist advise and ongoing lift maintenance services, meaning we are always available even after your lift has been installed.

Why choose a disabled access lift by Lyfthaus?

As the UK’s most established disabled access lift company. Lyfthaus can guide each individual on choosing a suitable lift for them and their environment. For instance, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes. Lyfthaus offer a wide selection of disabled lifts that are both reliable and easy to utilise. We can manufacture  lifts for all types of locations including both indoor and outdoor venues. Therefore, accommodating the needs for anyone who requires disabled access.

Moreover, our lifts are agelessly up-to-date, with various contemporary structure highlights. We can supply a bespoke range of lift options to accommodate your requirements, as well as a vast selection of materials and styles. From glass platform lifts to luxury stair lifts, safe and secure.

Finally, Our lifts are the perfect solution for a wide range of commercial and domestic buildings. With an immense range of disabled access lift arrangements from platform lifts to heritage lifts. There is certain to be a disabled lift to suit each individual venture. Each lift meets all consistence necessities for conveying with the Equality Act guidelines.

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