Disabled Lifts UK, design, manufacture and install bespoke disabled lifts ideal for your needs. Our range is developed with architects to encourage the operator’s experience, as well as keeping with the contemporary design.  Disables Lifts at Lyfthaus are manufactured and installed to the highest of standards, providing reliable, space-efficient platform lifts in a wide verity of building styles.

Lyfthaus provide freedom of choice for those who require disabled lift access. Our open aspect disabled lifts are custom made to look seamless as well as provide reliability. Disabled Lifts UK caters to buildings, therefore our beautiful lifts are made to fit your purpose. We can guide you in the right direction when designing your platform lift, We ensure stability as well as a professional, friendly service. Lyfthaus lift’s credited for developing disabled lifts to enhance your building.

Traditional or modern our disabled lifts will have a minimal visual impact on your environment. Our team of craftsmen will design each lift with inspiration from the buildings surrounding. Disabled Lifts UK delivers the best quality platform lifts across the UK, providing a premium experience for the desirable clientele. Disabled Lifts UK is exclusive to Lyfthaus, we are committed to providing a life-changing service with our premium open access platform lifts. With exceptional attention to detail, Lyfthaus will create the perfect disabled lift that fits your property needs and requirements.


Lyfthaus pride ourselves in providing dedicated service and exceptional customer care during and after the installation of your Disabled Lift. With our extensive range, we are able to design and develop platform lifts for even then the most challenging spaces, including listed buildings and outdoor disabled lifts. Disabled Lifts UK can bring elegance and a seamless look to your properties disabled access lifts. With the traditional large, daunting lifts boxes overpowering your property, it can be rather degrading for those who require disabled access.  At Lyfthaus we work closely with you to achieve stunning statement disabled lifts that commentate the style of your building. As the UK’s finest Disabled Lift Manufactures we’ve got you covered.

Disabled Lifts UK consolidates an abundance of experience with ostensibly one of the UK’s leading disabled lift portfolios. We can ensure from our vast range there is a disabled lift solution that will meet your requirements. We manufacture and install custom disabled lifts across the UK including the country’s profound capital. Your expert design team will liaise closely with you, planning and bringing your image to life. With a disabled lift, you can improve the quality of life for those who pass by, making life’s simple everyday pleasures ingenuous.

To us, Platform Lifts are significantly more than just machines. Making homes, open structures and work environments available to all is both enormously fulfilling and rewarding. Our devoted team will guide you through your platform lift journey, advising you on any questions you may have as well as being on hands to help with any technical support or ongoing maintenance. The disabled Lift segment is consistently developing as an ever-increasing number of individuals are deciding to upgrade their buildings, in addition to creating a stunning statement feature.