We as a whole love a little extravagance in our homes, particularly innovation that makes life’s experiences somewhat simpler. Lyfthaus have spent many years manufacturing domestic lifts, that makes the mobility of individuals natural and free.  Domestic lifts are not just a means to travelling up and down the stairs. They can be specified to fit any room, enhancing your lifestyle as well as your home.

Domestic Lifts Uk has a unique approach when it comes to designing domestic lifts. Lyfthaus stand out with a service tailored to its clientele, creating beautifully bespoke platform lifts at competitive prices. Domestic Lifts UK offers a premium range of platform lifts for all types of buildings. Our portfolio includes domestic lifts, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, lifts for cars, bins, pallets, roll cages/trolleys and commercial lifts.

Domestic Lifts UK can fit effectively into any UK home. Our domestic lifts will enable you to remain in the home you adore when the stairs become a burden providing a perfect and moderate option to stairlifts.  Domestic lifts are open, safe and secure for anyone who requires it’s services, whether it’s for wheelchair access or you just can’t manage the stairs anymore. We are extremely proud of our rapid growth and excellent team, our customers expereince and freedom of choice in everyday tasks is our main priority. Domestic Lifts UK strives to make those simple everyday ventures effortless, creating custom-built lifts to enhance your opportunities.


Lyfthaus has an extraordinary methodology with regards to designing domestic lifts. Lyfthaus stand apart from the rest with our bespoke specifications, customised to each client, making flawlessly bespoke lifts at competitive prices. We offer a broad variety of bespoke domestic and wheelchair lifts for both inside and outside use. From style specifying to new development structures, our specs can be adjusted to coordinate with any given environment.

Domestic Lifts are a self-supporting innovation which conveys the weight of the lift with the goal that no major basic modifications are required. The Lyfthuas domestic Lift is a perfect and reasonable option to a stairlift and enables you to move around your home without jeopardising the stairs structure. It is additionally more practical contrasted with moving house or making changes to your current property and can increase the value of homes across the UK.

For large complex spaces, we are able to develop domestic lifts suitable for your environment. Our ability to use bespoke specifications and reliable materials will allow our lifts to withhold a large number of users on a daily basis. Domestic Lifts UK can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties across London.

Domestic Lifts UK manufactures lifts to help improve the lives of those who require the use of a lift. Lyfthaus designs complement the built residential environment, with an array of structures we rise by lifting others. At Domestic lifts UK our premium domestic lifts are an affordable efficient alternative to stairlifts. Our spacious, reliable lifts are ideal for all domestic spaces and can be manufactured to meet special specifications. As domestic lift specialists, we are inspired by the people and the surrounding architecture. To passing pedestrians, these lifts are virtually invisible, from sheer glass walls to integrated railings our experts will help guide you in creating your perfect lift.

The resident’s of commercial or domestic buildings will have a reliable, premium experience. Lyfthaus endeavour to provide a straightforward method of disabled access, making the client feel comfortable wherever the location. Our domestic lifts come in Stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass metallic pearlescent and all RAL code paint finishes with Bespoke platform configurations. As the industry’s leader in majestic contemporary designs, our extensive experience means we have the knowledge and technological innovation to meet your requirements.

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