Lyfthaus works in close liaison with architects, planners, building control and heritage specialists to develop premium, integrated  platform lift solutions that complement or remain honest to buildings of historic importance.  Cathedrals, castles, stately homes, abbeys, universities, theatres, churches, grand houses, hotels, palaces and blue plaque sites are amongst the many heritage locations in which we have installed tailor made open aspect Lyfthaus disabled access platform lifts.

The Heritage Collection is a design concept rather than a fixed range of platform lift models. We work with the client to develop a bespoke platform lift that complements the unique nature of the built environment and will enhance the visitor’s experience.

It is important to our clients that the platform lift doesn’t distract or draw attention from its historic backdrop.  The platform lift must be discreet and unobtrusive, it must blend flawlessly into its surroundings and we work with the client to determine the best way of achieving the desired result. Your platform lift design can use glass as its principle material with any steelwork finished to match materials used elsewhere in the architecture such as brass, bronze and copper or we can replicate existing ironworks and use spindles and finials found in the property to match heritage wrought iron, the choice is yours.  Flooring at either level can also follow onto the platform to make the transition from upper or lower level onto the platform totally seamless.  Stone, timber, marble, tiles and carpet can easily be accommodated, there are few limitations.

At Lyfthaus our talented team can also advise on using other building materials for your platform lift gates and barriers.  An existing/original door can be fitted with an interlock mechanism and we can work with your joiners and cabinet makes to produce wooden enclosures.

Disabled access platform lifts designed and produced to your own exacting requirements by the experts at Lyfthaus. Further images can be found in the Gallery Section or literature can be downloaded which shows many case studies.

Through car, adjacent entry/exit and swan neck platform lift configurations are available in a size and lift height to suit your space. Platform lift luxury, making beautiful spaces beautifully accessible.

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Lyfthaus Platform Lifts can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties across London. For more on our bespoke lifts click here