Let’s Get Creative!

The let’s get creative campaign is intended to inspire our architectural and designer clients to challenge us with their creative vision, to build platform lifts that expand convention, bring access to all and provide integrated solutions that enhance  the built environment.

Beautiful spaces made beautifully accessible.  We make your imagination a reality.  Heritage lifts that are hidden in plain sight and contemporary lifts that are equal to their modern landscape with the Lyfthaus minimalist design philosophy.

Our creative team shares your passion and drive for stunning design, we understand architecture and interior styling and will work in close liaison to ensure your Lyfthaus platform lift meets your expectations in every respect.

Please tell us what you want.  From tiny details to big statements our tailor made solutions give you the widest possible choice: any style, any size, any configuration.  Stainless steel, glass, bronze, brass, crafted timber, all RAL paint finishes, stone, slate, tiles – it’s all up to you.  Your platform lift the way you want it.

Together, let’s get creative!