Lightwell Lift

Lightwell lift solutions from Lyfthaus provide an exceptionally discreet method for safe, easy basement access.  Basement lift systems for disabled people that are suitable for all types of lightwell basement including listed property including churches, castles and cathedrals.  Lyfthaus have installed lightwell lifts in Contact usbasements in all types of properties in all central London boroughs and beyond therefore setting a planning precedence. A lightwell lift has minimal visual impact, no shaft and no overhead lifting gear.  When the lift is lowered its virtually undetectable to passing pedestrians.  The lightwell lifts street level gate can be formed from the existing cast or wrought iron balustrade or it can be replicated, the lightwell lifts gate will match the adjacent railings beautifully.  Other options for your street level lightwell lift gate are bespoke steelwork, frameless glass or even timber, all gates are fully interlocked, secure and fully compliant.  The upper level gate can be as discreet as you wish.  The basement lift enclosure itself can be designed to complement adjacent metal works or can be produced in frameless glass to be as unobtrusive as possible.  The floor of the enclosure can be laid with stone sets, concrete or tiles to match the surrounding lightwell basement floor finish.  As you look over the balustrade the lift is almost invisible!  We work very hard to ensure your lift enhances the build environment and provides safe access for disabled users.  Lyfthaus lightwell lifts can be found in many types of properties, typical users are private hospitals and clinics, town houses, hotels, retailers, pubs and restaurants, smart city office buildings, embassies and private residential dwellings.

Our lightwell lift solution could also be used to transport goods to make the very best use of this valuable basement space.  Each lightwell lift has a 500Kg capacity and is very stable. Kitchen supplies, office supplies and all manner of goods can be safety and efficiently transported on the basement lift.

For a larger showcase of the lightwell lifts we have click here to check out our image gallery!

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