Platform Lift

Platform Lift by Lythaus is propelled by our clients and takes extraordinary pride in upgrading individuals’ lives. Lyfthaus are committed to providing stylish, custom lifts as well as longevity in all of our products, we can guarantee that our lifts have everything to offer. Our Platform Lift products are tailored to each and every one of our clients requirements. If you are looking for something a little extra our team will work closely with you to design and plan your ideal lift. Regardless of whether in the home, the workplace or retail property, the functional substances of a property’s structure or area can make it hard to offer accessibility for everyone. Platform Lifts are a basic solution for individuals who can’t access the stairs, It’s in these circumstances that our premium lifts become the ideal answer to your problem.

Our knowledge and expereince enable us to build and develop opportunities for individuals who require a wheelchair. Our Platform Lift services utilize bespoke designs to change the look of the old fashion oversized wheelchair access lift. A Platform Lift is perfect for Schools, Colleges, Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Museums and Galleries, and residential sectors in the UK. With our many years expereince and custom styles, we have a design to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. Whether you require a platform lift to fit in a heritage building or you are looking for a modern look to blend with the contemporary style of the properties, Lyfthua has got you covered.


We are platform lift experts with numerous years of experience introducing wheelchair lifts and platform lifts throughout the UK

Platform Lifts UK enhances your interior styling and meets your creative vision. With contemporary materials and finishes reflecting your style, our platform lift specialists can design and manufacture any style lift ideal for you. Lyfthuas Platform Lifts help you comply with quality and equal rights, to ensure your clients and visitors experience the best possible service. Our platform lifts are planned, fabricated and fitted to supply you with an ideal solution for your necessities. We have a wide range of lifts to suit each prerequisite and application, our platform lifts help you to follow the equality act regardless of the location. At Platform Lifts UK, our trusted engineers will install your lift to the highest of standards, we also provide ongoing maintenance leaving you feeling safe and satisfied with your new product.

With our practical experience in the supply and installation of platform lifts for both open and residential habitats, we have the ideal lift solutions which can be utilized for both inside and outside use. Suitable for both individuals and product use. Our team of lift engineers have many years of outstanding expereince in installing platform lifts across the UK. Lyfthaus is focused on conveying high-class lifts to our Customers. With an array of bespoke wheelchair access products tailored to suit the specifications of any environment.

With our quality range of platform lifts, we strive to provide our clients with the best advice and value for money for all of our products. Lyfthaus Endeavour to provide safe, reliable and unriaval quality with our products, as well as ensuring that every one of our lifts meets the British Safety Standards. As a contemporary and stylish option to a stairlift or a traditional bulky wheelchair lift our commercial and domestic Lifts are structured and made in the UK and rapidly installed by our trusted engineers.

With our work located in some of London’s most reputable locations, we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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