Wheelchair Lifts London creates optimal stunning wheelchair lift designs for Britains finest buildings and architects. As the UK’s leading wheelchair lift company we develop and install a collection of bespoke lifts ideal for those who require wheelchair lifts but keeping to a specific style. Lyfthaus take great pride in creating a better, satisfactory experience for those who require wheelchair access, with our premium wheelchair lifts we enhance not only practicality but lifestyles as well.

This high-performance Wheelchair Lifts London can be adapted to complement your building inside and out, with high-quality glass and railings used to create an open platform space for those who feel uncomfortable in confined spaces. With Wheelchair Lifts installed all over London and with many people needing wheelchair access on a daily basis it can be degrading and frustrating when you’re limited to this. Wheelchair Lifts London offers great opportunities for those who are restricted or have disabled mobility, with our premium bespoke range of Wheelchair Lifts London designed to the purpose of the building, we provide a choice for every situation.


Lyfthaus Goods Elevator platform lifts are specialists in providing exceptional quality solutions to your wheelchair lifts London requirements. We build and fabricate bespoke lifts based on your architectural needs, so if you’re looking for something discreet to blend with your front entrance Lyfthaus have you covered. Wheelchair Lifts London supply a wide range of floorings such as stone, marble, carpet, timber and slate providing a natural finish.

Lyfthaus are premium wheelchair lift manufacturers, accomplishing stunning designs that will look excellent in any location. As specialists within the industry, our team can tailor your platform lift to meet your specifications and more, with guaranteed luxury and durability you can transform the lives of those who need wheelchair access. Through assembling and establishment to definite handover. Our team has practical experience in the establishment of custom and bespoke lift ventures. Instances of our establishments can be found out in the open, private and retail divisions

Due to London being one of the busiest cities in the UK, it is important that visitors, commuters and London’s residents are able to use all aspect’s of the cities tall buildings. With our Wheelchair Lifts, we are able to give people equality and the chance to enjoy the city knowing it provides accessibility. As a business owner in London, it is vital to make sure your customers and users of the building feel comfortable whilst using your facilities at all times. Lyfthaus have worked with Londons most prestige architects designing wheelchair lifts that suit your location. Whether that’s internal or external we endeavour to create beautiful discreet platform lifts.

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