Wheelchair Lifts provides all types of configuration when it comes to wheelchair access. Our bespoke range allows architects to create spacious access for wheelchairs as well as maintaining a premium look.

Lyfthaus help you choose a suitable location for optimal efficiency as well as stability. We endeavour to develop unique Wheelchair Lifts you can rely on.

When it comes to size and durability we aim to recommend pit installation to provide 100% ramp free installation, this creates easy access for your clients, As well as discreetly blending in with floor level. Wheelchair Lifts UK takes pride in creating a seamless look between the floor and the platform lift. Our experts will guide you with the appropriate measurements suitable for your location.

As a result, all lifts are CE marked and supplied with BS certification and a European Declaration of Conformity.

Lyfthaus manufacture and complete all work carried out within regulations,  therefore all projects come with additional documents with the design and build process. You can expect exceptional quality and an outstanding overall process with Wheelchair Lifts UK and disabled access lifts.


Lyfthaus is a reputable company with 100% customer satisfaction. With our sensational designs, custom made to meet all aspects of your requirements, Lyfthaus will meet your interior needs to the highest of standards. Working all over London our Lyfthaus Wheelchair lifts are perfect for, offices, hotels, schools, retailers, domestic and commercial facilities. platform lifts in some of the UK’s more desirable buildings, we aim to create practicality with style.

At Lfythaus how Wheelchair Lifts are designed to assist and meet a huge range of access requirements and specification. With secure and reliable structures built to the highest standards, our lifts are ideal for both domestic and commercial buildings throughout the UK. In addition, our unique lifts can be customized to suit your needs, this enables our clients to design the enclosure, colour and structure to accommodate the style of the building.

We will give full comprehensive guidance, considering your financial limit and bespoke specifications. We thrive upon our tremendous experience of introducing wheelchair and incapacitated access lifts. We help our clients achieve the ideal wheelchair lift solution, suitable to their budget, whatever the circumstance. When suggesting a wheelchair lift arrangement, we generally guarantee our proposition based on well-built lifts developed to the highest standards.

At lyfthaus, our wheelchair lifts are dependable, durable and produced to the highest of standards. Consistency is the key to keeping our clients happy, that’s why we create custom-built lifts as closely to your specifications as possible. The UK’s premium lift manufacturers offer an excellent service as well as a friendly reliable team with extensive technical support. Our particular expert methodology ensures we tailor our lifts to the exact and specific requirements of our clients. At Lyfthuas our lifts offer comfort, reliability as well as being bespoke to your individual needs and can be found in Britain’s finest buildings, architectural icons and A-list properties across London.

Our sister company also manufacture lifts, Edmolift UK