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Hidden from passers by

Lyfthaus is Britain’s most celebrated designer, manufacturer and intsaller of basement lightwell lifts on the market today. Over the past 10 years we have honed in on this craft as one of our specialisms, and we are proud to have installed our bespoke lightwell lifts in some of the most iconic and beautiful contemporary and heritage buildings across Britain. We even frequently perform installations in many central London boroughs, setting a high planning consent precedent.

Each basement scissor lift is born out of a bespoke design, allowing for the finished product to meld into its specific environment both on a practical and aesthetic level. In particular, we always strive to make our bespoke lightwell lifts blend into the architectural landscape, making them virtually invisible to passers by. 

The art of elevation

Our experts will take design cues from the immediate architecture to replicate.  Railings, balustrades, finials, materials and finishes can all be replicated in the design of your lightwell lift platform, this can include: cast and wrought ironworks, castings such as fancy finials and spearheads, stonework flooring, steel railings in all shapes and sizes, timberwork and all paint finishes.  We can remove a section of the street level balustrade and discreetly adapt it into a fully compliant interlocked access gate.

Lyfthaus provide access solutions from street level up to entrance level (two stops), from street level down to basement level (two stops), and between entrance level to street level and down to basement level (three stops). 

Basement to street level at the touch of a button

All platform sides can be made accessible to provide through car and adjacent entry configurations and are fitted with an LED light, halo back lit controls, non-slip flooring or a floor tray to suit your own choice of floor and protective bellows.  Platform mounted safety switches can be included for applications with any potential trapping points.   All floor to floor lightwell lifts are fitted with unobtrusive guides to stabilise the platform.

In addition to platform lifts intended for disabled users we also offer bike lifts, bin lifts and goods lifts for lightwell basement installation.  Please contact our experts for further details.

Vertical Transport for Architectural Icons

Lyfthaus have a well proven team of experienced and innovative design engineers and creative thinkers who deal solely with the stylish and refined tastes of architectural clients. Placing their clients’ needs at the heart of every design, the Lyfthaus objective is to exceed clients’ expectations, delighting them by providing an individual and unique service that delivers an uncompromisingly high standard of design, fit and finish to every project.

Lyfthaus are the platform lift industry’s foremost creative designers providing architects and interior designers with an unparalleled freedom of choice and the source of the very best architecturally inspired platform lift design solutions.  From wildly vibrate to subtly elegant, dramatic to understated and everything in-between, your platform lift can stand-out as a bold statement or dissolve into its architectural surroundings – it’s up to you!


An electric/mechanical device to provide vertical transport between a basement lightwell and street level or building entrance level

Our bespoke design is virtually limitless. We will build your platform lift to your exact requirements. Style, configuration, size, materials and finish are all customisable.

You name it, we can do it! Materials include: glass, steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, timber, stone, tiles, aluminium, cast iron and many many more. We also use all RAL paint finishes and Interpon metallics.

The maximum compliant height we offer is 3 metres of lift travel.

For the best results we always recommend flush pit installation but we do offer a low profile lift alternative with a shallow load ramp


The platform size is your choice but the minimum compliant size is 1450mm x 800mm and the maximum compliant size is 2Sq.M but larger sizes are available in a choice of through car or adjacent entry

Heritage properties and sites are a specialism for Lyfthaus. We have never knowingly been denied planning consent for one of our lifts! This includes castles, cathedrals, churches, blue plaque sites, grand heritage hotels and fine historic homes

All Lyfthaus lifts have a three year warranty (conditions apply) and require a service and safety inspection every six months. Lyfthaus can quote for this. Out lifts are exceptionally reliable and will typically have a 15-20 year operational life expectancy


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