Step Lift Design Steps Up

The result of close collaboration with wheelchair users, architects, interior stylists and the wider lift industry brings to you our new step lift. The ICE Collection by Lyfthaus.

Contact usICE COLLECTION represents a huge step up in step lift design. The first truly premium independent low rise step lift.  Highly stylised, beautifully engineered, refined and exquisitely detailed.  A compact, contemporary solution for prestige property and discerning clientele using the Lyfthaus signature modernist and reductive design philosophy.

Moreover, this adaptive product can suit any architectural or interior style. As discreet or bold as you desire. In addition, interchangeable barrier panels can be finished in a massive choice of materials and finishes. For instance, mixing matt and high gloss, plain or patterned, bright and glittering or classic and restrained – it’s all possible.

The new ICE Collection (Independent Compact Elevator) of low rise step lifts combine the Lyfthaus     modernist and reductive design philosophy in a low profile, pit free step lift package.  Beautiful design and exquisite engineering with a focus on style as well as substance.  A wheelchair user step lift solution with a maximum raised height of 500mm for publicly accessible or workplace environments. 600mm for individual/private use. ICE complies with the Machinery Directive.

Why Choose An ICE Step Lift

Step LiftICE Collection step lifts include a shallow access ramp, frameless glass enclosure, LED colour changeable guide lights and a combination of high gloss and fine textured matt finishes with brush stainless steel accents.  A huge choice of other materials and finishes are also available – please let us know your   preference.  An upper level gate, high side barriers and standing grab bar and controls are optional.

The LED guide lighting system is remote controlled and is an effective method to set ambient lighting for any location as well as improved safety in low light conditions. Moreover, all colours are dimmable and includes white and all primary colours.  A fantastic brand identity opportunity for bars, restaurants and hotels etc.

Furthermore, each ICE model uses a stable twin cylinder EN1570 compliant scissor mechanism, remote power pack with emergency lowering, halo lit embossed controls, an interlocked lower level gate and safety glass    enclosure as standard.

ICE Collection low rise step lifts are compact and very easy to install. Consequently, they require minimum preparation. ICE step lifts are designed and manufactured at the Lyfthaus Technology Centre near Cambridge, England.

  • 500Kg/1000Kg lifting capacity
  • 2100mm x 1150mm overall footprint size inc load ramp
  • 500mm/600mm raised height
  • 240v mains power with remote powerpack
  • 24vDC control voltage
  • Includes lift enclosure

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Finally, if Lyfthaus don’t have what you’re looking for be sure to check out our sister company Edmolift to see if they can help.