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Design Freedom

Hidden platform lifts are another low-rise disabled access solution, when not in use they are virtually invisible as the complete mechanism disappears below ground level leaving just the matching floor finish of the platform.  To protect the operator we use automatically descending wheelchair stops and lowering grab rails and barriers.   These lifts are suitable for internal and external environments and are particularly popular in heritage property where it’s especially important that the lift is unobtrusive and doesn’t draw attention from adjacent architecture or sight lines.  Each hidden platform lift is custom built to the clients specific requirements including style, configuration, materials and finish.

The Bold and Beautiful

We firmly believe in our Lifts Without Limits ethos: there are very few limitations on the level of customisation we can offer on our bepsoke platform lifts. From buttons to barriers, finish to finials – it’s all up to you! 

We work closely with the architect and builder assigned to your project to ensure that your step lift melds flawlessly into the built environment. Whether your property is contemporary, heritage or somehwere in between, we can do it all! Bronze, brass, stainless stell, cast iron, wrought iron, timber, stone, marble and tiles re just a selection of the materials we can work with.

Industrial Style with a Dash of Drama

The style and configuration of your wheelchair platform lift are also completely your choice; we will work with you to ensure that the finished product meets your precise operational and architectural needs. Glass panels, ribs, spindles, laser cut panels, aluminim and various types of wood can be used for your gates and barriers – the only trouble you’ll have is picking what you like best!

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An electric/mechanical device to provide vertical transport the distance of a few steps

Our bespoke design is virtually limitless. We will build your platform lift to your exact requirements. Style, configuration, size, materials and finish are all customisable.

You name it, we can do it! Materials include: glass, steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, timber, stone, tiles, aluminium, cast iron and many many more. We also use all RAL paint finishes and Interpon metallics.

The maximum compliant height we offer is 3 metres of lift travel.

For the best results we always recommend flush pit installation but we do offer a low profile lift alternative with a shallow load ramp


The platform size is your choice but the minimum compliant size is 1450mm x 800mm and the maximum compliant size is 2Sq.M but larger sizes are available in a choice of through car or adjacent entry

Heritage properties and sites are a specialism for Lyfthaus. We have never knowingly been denied planning consent for one of our lifts! This includes castles, cathedrals, churches, blue plaque sites, grand heritage hotels and fine historic homes

All Lyfthaus lifts have a three year warranty (conditions apply) and require a service and safety inspection every six months. Lyfthaus can quote for this. Out lifts are exceptionally reliable and will typically have a 15-20 year operational life expectancy


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